WOW! Fiesta Melody (WF-230HD)
WOW! Fiesta Melody (WF-230HD)
WOW! Fiesta Melody (WF-230HD)
WOW! Fiesta Melody (WF-230HD)

WOW! Fiesta Melody (WF-230HD)

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Make karaoke more fun with your family and friends with the all-new WOW! Fiesta Melody by Grand Videoke. Excellent value, unlimited fun!

  • Thousands of Built-in Songs — Sing your favorite English and Filipino songs including the latest and all-time hits.
  • Full HD Video* — Enjoy international video backgrounds in ultra-clear Full HD quality while you sing.
  • High Quality Sound — Powered by Dream SAM2695 sound module.
  • Car-Friendly — Ultracompact design with 3.5mm IR jack and underside mounting provisions for in-car or RV karaoke installations.
  • Multimedia Player via USB Drive — Plays Full HD movies and MP3 music files. Supports formats including AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3, MPG, VOB, FLV, etc.
  • Professional Wired Microphone — Tuned for effortless singing.
* HDMI for video output only. Audio output of the product is through the analog RCA audio jacks.

1. What is the WOW! Fiesta brand?

WOW! Fiesta is a fun-focused brand of Grand Videoke, delivering great karaoke and multimedia experiences through affordable packages.

2. What items are included in each package of WOW! Fiesta Melody?

Each package of WOW! Fiesta Melody includes the following:

Main Unit
Wired Microphone with Fixed Cable (1x)
Remote Control
RCA Cable
Autovolt Adapter 

* HDMI cable not included in the package.

3. Can I install the WOW! Fiesta Melody in my car or RV?

Yes, you can install the WOW! Fiesta Melody in your car or your RV. We have designed it to be installed in such environments by including the 3.5mm IR jack on the rear panel, and the installation screw tabs on the underside of the product. Installation accessories including the IR sensor for the 3.5mm IR jack can be purchased from your favorite electronics or DIY store.

4. What media files can be played through the USB drive slot of the WOW! Fiesta Melody?

The WOW! Fiesta Melody can play the following music and video formats: AVI, MKV, MPG, DAT, FLV, VOB, TS and MP3.

5. What is the maximum USB drive storage capacity that can be accepted by the WOW! Fiesta Melody?

The WOW! Fiesta Melody can accept USB flash drives or USB hard drives of up to 320GB. The USB flash drive or USB hard drive must be formatted to FAT32 file system.

6. What is the warranty coverage for the WOW! Fiesta Melody?

The WOW! Fiesta Melody comes with 1 year warranty for the main unit. Accessories including remote control, microphone, and cables are not covered by the warranty.

7. How to maximize your Full HD video experience with the WOW! Fiesta Melody?

To maximize your Full HD video experience with the WOW! Fiesta Melody, you must use an HDMI cable to connect the WOW! Fiesta Melody to your TV. The HDMI cable is provided by the customer and it is not included with the WOW! Fiesta Melody package. Please also note that the HDMI output of the WOW! Fiesta Melody is only for video output; there is no audio output from HDMI.

Audio output from the WOW! Fiesta Melody must be routed to an external speaker system through RCA cables (white and red connections).