GV Smart Code (Song Update Credits)

GV Smart Code (Song Update Credits)

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NOTE: Install the GV Smart App to purchase GV Song Update volumes. The GV Smart App works with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Easily add more songs to your Grand Videoke anytime and anywhere. No need to purchase physical Song Packs!

Download Song Update Volumes via the GV Smart App for Android and iPhone/iPad and use the GV Smart Code (Song Update Credits) to authenticate and transfer downloaded song volumes to your Grand Videoke.

    Note: One GV Smart Code (Update Credits) can be used to authenticate any one (1) Song Update Volume from the GV Smart App. Each GV Song Update Volume contains 100 songs packed with the newest English/International Hits, OPM Songs and All Time Favorites!

    • Compatible with Grand Videoke Symphony SE Pro Plus (TKR-372MP+ SE), Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro (TKR-373MP) and Grand Videoke Rhapsody 3 Pro (TKR-343MP) models only.
    • You will receive the GV Smart Code via email. No physical product will be delivered to you.
    • Check out the GV Song Update Volumes here.